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7 best qualities of a good leader. Qualities of good leader.


“good leader possess self-awareness, garner credibility, focus on relationship-building, have a bias for action, exhibit humility empower others, stay authentic, present themselves as constant and consistent, become role models and are fully present”

(1) Self Awareness of good leader:

Yet, Great leader are self aware. And, They understand how their behaviors ,words, action, and even aspects like body language impacts others. good leader seek feedback on their leadership. Furthermore, great leader try to see themselves through other eyes. Next, This reflection can be difficult for some people, but it is incredibly important for leaders. They know that:

“Perception is part of their reality”

(2) Ability to connect and Collaborate (good leader):

Furthermore, In today modern work force there is a level of inter-connectedness that we have never seen before. Moreover, No longer operating in associated, hierarchical environment, leaders now must thrive in a hybrid atmosphere that’s fluid and more democratized.

“Connecting and collaborating intensively across the organization is necessary  for success”

(3) Capacity to be Agile, Adaptable and flexible (good leader):

Further, Great leader today are aware of digital threats and opportunities, of course, but they must go beyond simple awareness and demonstrate the ability to be flexible agile, and able to response  affectively to these changing environments. They can rapidly shift directions when necessary, both to the expected and to the unexpected all while working with and guiding the teams and individuals they lead.

(4) The ability to innovate and lead innovation:

In Addition, Great leader improve organizational performance through innovation. Additionally, They encourage the application of original and creative thinking to both existing and emerging business models, processes, and product.

“Developing the capability to envision

Foster, and apply innovation is

Fundamental to leadership today”

(5) Focus on relationship building (good leader):

First, Early management researches assumed that the most important element of the work place was the work itself –They conducted studies and developed system meet to0 increase employee productivity but did little to address the humans elements of employees. last, As human beings, employees are not able to bring only the part of them that does the work to their organization.

(6) Exhibit Humility of good leader:

What’s more, Humble leaders are not likely to take credit for other’s work. Third, They put the needs of the team before their own, and they are strong advocates for what their team, members need.

“Humility is a word that is easily misunderstood”

(7) Gratitude of good leader:

Hence, Being thank full can lead of higher self-esteem, reduced depression and anxiety, and better sleep.

“Gratitude can even Make you a better Leader”

Yet few people regularly say “thank you” in work settings, even though most people say they’d be willing to work harder for an appreciate boss Also, The best leaders know how to show gratitude in the work place.

What a good leader can do?

“Leadership is learned behavior that becomes unconscious and automatic over time”

Make others feel safe to speak-up:

Many times leaders intimidate their colleagues with their title and power when they walk into a room. Successful leaders deflect attention away from them and encourage others to voice their opinions.

Make decision:

Successful leaders are expert decision makers. They either facilitate the dialogue to empower their colleagues to reach a strategic conclusion or they do it themselves.

Communicate Expectations:

Successful leaders are great communicators, and this is especially true when it comes to “Performance expectations”

Leadership is important to grow your business to next level:

A leader must have three crucial qualities: Crucial awareness, cultural development and critical decision. Your intentions for your business will drive your actions and your results .Recognize how you interact with your customer, work with your time, and collaborate with your partner, and second thing to consider as you grow your business is your company culture. As your business grows, hiring people with the right skills and behaviors are critical.

“More than ever, companies Must synchronize the actions of business units and the goals of the enterprise”

As a business growth coach, I have worked with dozens of CEOs and their leadership teams on how to scale their business. And while companies who want to grow 50-100 percent a year will consistently face many challenges, finding and developing leadership skills with in their teams remains one of the most difficult.

What is leadership skill?

“Leadership skills are the strengths and abilities individuals demonstrate that help to oversee processes, guide initiatives and steer their employees towards the achievement of goals”. Leadership skills are an essential component in positioning executives to make thoughtful decisions about their organizations mission and goals, and properly allocate resources to achieve those directives. Valuable leadership skills include the ability to delegate, inspire and communicate effectively.

Is leadership a skill?


Empathetic leadership focuses on identifying with others and understanding their perspective. Strategic thinking A strong leader makes well-researched and objectively scrutinized decision that can lead an organization towards achieving its goals.


A creative leaders brings positivity into the work environment, which in turn uplifts the employees and encourages them to perform better.


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